Glen Scharmer, parent of four alumni

"They will be attending a seminar not with just anybody... but consisting of the best of the best from each high school in the state.  This means that as they enter their final two years of their high school careers, they will have been inspired by a group of their peers that are second to none. The relationships and networking that they will create will be invaluable.  Add to that the longstanding reputation of safety that NDLS has had in the many years of its existence, and you should feel confident in your decision to send your son or daughter.”


Lavonne Haugen, parent of two alumni

"The network of NDLS alum is deep and wide and I think this benefits students well into college and the workforce.

If I were talking to parents of a potential student leader, I would tell them that their child will come back changed.  They will display a confidence you didn't know was in them and they will continue to use the things they learned as a student leader.  They will learn to appreciate their individuality and give back to their community and school in ways that will amaze you.  You will be immensely proud of the child that returns to your home.

If I were talking to a potential student leader, I would tell them to just go for it. From the second they walk in the door, they will find that they are celebrated and accepted for who they are. They have been chosen by their school faculty based on talents for leadership that they don't even realize are inside them until they spend a weekend at NDLS."