Mr. and Miss PMA serve as the emcees for NDLS. They are selected by a vote of their peers to lead the group in cheers, keep everyone on task, and help keep the buzz and excitement alive throughout the entire weekend. They are the official ambassadors in charge of promoting a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), the philosophy that having an optimistic disposition in every situation attracts positive changes and increases achievement.

2023 Mr. PMA Matthew Mills and Miss PMA Ashlei Stanczyk

PMA History

2023: Mr. Matthew Mills and Miss Ashlei Stanczyk
2022: Mr. Braeden Knutson and Miss Haley Beeter
2020: Mr. Jacob Tupa and Miss Haley Beeter
2019: Mr. Brock Ulland and Miss Kolby Tangen
2018: Mr. Noah Knutson and Miss Shelby (Zahn) White
2017: Mr. Ethan Johnson and Miss Macey Schuler
2016: Mr. Bret Carlson and Miss Kelsey Altendorf
2015: Mr. Josh Knutson and Miss Hailey Scharmer
2014: Mr. Josh Haugen and Miss Katrina (Kutter) Rehak
2013: Mr. Joe Kalka and Miss Bea (Fischer) Smith
2012: Mr. Morgan Schwartzenberger and Miss Bobbi Jo (Chesley) Maly
2011: Mr. Ryan Hendrickson and Miss Lacey (Gohner) Urness
2010: Mr. Randy Hunt and Miss Jenna (Scharmer) Meldahl
2009: Mr. Alex Vari and Miss Dana Altendorf
2008: Mr. Bryce Scharmer and Miss Sara (Litton) Lindgren
2007: Mr. Kyler Hendrickson and Miss Janna Hansen
2006: Mr. Josh Skjoldal and Miss Brittany (Dewald) Snustad
2005: Mr. Corey Mock and Miss Tanya (Underdahl) Smith
2004: Mr. Rusty Bender and Miss Tiegan Kosiak
2003: Mr. Steve Santini and Miss Andrea Ehnert
2002: Mr. Steve Santini and Miss Andrea Ehnert
2001: Mr. Chad Johnson and Miss Shanna (Gratton) Demke