The Adult Staff is comprised of Leadership Coaches (LCs) who are small group leaders that are at least 21 years old. LC’s help facilitate group conversations by encouraging full participation, promoting mutual understanding and cultivating shared responsibility. They encourage students to become OUTSTANDING leaders and help them get as much out of the weekend as possible.

(Left to Right, Back to Front): Ethan Johnson, Noah Knutson, Joe Kalka, Jacob Dixon, Katie Carpenter, Brett Muscha, Emily Trzpuc, Neil Litton, Thomas Muscha, Ryan Capouch, Ryan Hendrickson, Katrina Kutter, Callie Brorby, Helene Pippin, Randa Cody, Jenny Riemann, Jozie Johnson, Kelsey Altendorf, Veranna Bauske, Erica Westphal, Brooke Thomas, Amanda Braxton, Torrin Poss, Hailey Scharmer