The Alumni Chapter of NDLS promotes and supports the goals of the North Dakota Leadership Seminar by providing leadership opportunities for the members of the NDLS Alumni. The officer team plans both summer and winter excursions, distributes the newsletter, coordinates the State Day of Service, and organizes several other fundraising and service opportunities throughout the year. To become part of this amazing team, get involved and most importantly attend excursions. Elections are held annually at the summer excursion. The alumni are overseen by Dustin Whitney, an NDLS veteran, a Student Leader in the year 2000 from Sykeston, ND, and current Board member.

(Back Row, L to R): Ashlei Stanczyk, Reilly Staggs, Kebba Beach, Elisabeth Dalke
(Front Row, L to R): Hunter Gallagher, Susannah Schwantes, Triniti Gregg, Annelise Klein, Kiera Rambousek

Alumni Officers

Reilly Staggs, Co-Chair (Two-Year)
Kebba Beach, Co-Chair (One-Year)
Elisabeth Dalke, Director of Merchandising
Annelise Klein, Secretary
Ashlei Stanczyk, Director of Service
Susannah Schwantes, Director of Fundraising
Kiera Rambousek, Director of Public Relations
Megan Goldade, State Board Representative
Hunter Gallagher, State Board Representative
Triniti Gregg, Newbie-at-Large