New in 2021, eNDLeSs Academy is being offered to current juniors who missed the opportunity to attend NDLS as sophomores. In 2022 NDLS plans to return to the University of Jamestown campus to host an outstanding weekend once again, and will be inviting sophomores and juniors to attend. Watch this winter for information on NDLS 2022.

Normally, each winter a recruitment packet is sent to every public and private school in North Dakota. We may also work with other contacts in the community to get the word out about NDLS. Those that are in the tenth grade (sophomore year) that display great leadership potential are encouraged to register for this high energy, high impact weekend.

To guarantee that all students have the opportunity to participate, NDLS maintains a policy that students do not pay to attend. Volunteers raise funds through private-sector donations each year so that the entire three-day seminar is held at no cost to its attendees.