The Junior Staff is made up of Junior Coaches (JC’s) and Program Assistants (PA’s) who are alumni under the age of 21 that apply to volunteer at NDLS. JC’s work alongside Leadership Coaches facilitating group discussions, leading cheers, and setting a solid example for youth leadership. PA’s mostly work behind the scenes, assisting state committee members with their responsibilities and working hard to ensure that NDLS runs smoothly. All JC’s and PA’s work together ensuring Student Leaders receive the best possible experience while helping them reach their potential to become OUTSTANDING leaders.

Back Row: Elisabeth Dalke, Travis Dean, Olivea Sehrt, Braeden Knutson, Wesley Kemp, Brock Ulland, Jacob Tupa, Rylan Myron, Hannah Heisler, Colton Willits, Blake Loomis.
Middle Row: Dacia Rambousek, Anissah Carlblom, Katelyn Voeller, Haley Beeter, Brett Muscha, Hailey Swanson, Abbie Bertsch, Megan Miller, Morgan Krizan, Abby Petersen, , Kolby Tangen.
Front Row: Veranna Bauske, Sara Jones, Erika McPherson, McKenna Haverluk, Lizzie Holzworth, Erica Westphal, Brooke Thomas, Hannah Wolff, Megan Goldade, Madeline Schauer, Chris Veres.
Mr. and Ms. PMA: Noah Knutson and Shelby Zahn