Who can register a student?

School counselors, teachers, and principals have been and continue to be the primary advocates for nominating and registering their students. We hope you will continue to do so by registering a student from your school this year. As NDLS grows, so does our number of advocates across the state. In some situations, these individuals (our alumni, local civic groups, and banks) have also been granted nomination permissions of local students.

How do I register my student?

Every high school in the state is eligible to register a junior student to this program – at no cost to the school, the student or their family. We encourage you to select and register your student as soon as possible.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

For registrations related questions, please reach out via register.ndls@gmail.com, or call Jenna, our Director of Registration at 701-520-3268.
You can also contact our 2021 Seminar Chair, Dana Altendorf at seminar.ndls@gmail.com or 701- 360-0613 for NDLS related questions.

Who pays for the Seminar?

All costs, except travel expenses, are paid for by many sponsors throughout North Dakota. We are able to provide NDLS free of charge to every student because of the generous contributions we receive from North Dakota businesses, foundations, individuals, and service organizations who believe in the value of youth leadership development. Make a donation today!